Son Demir Bükücü



Son Demir Bukucu is much more that a metal workshop. The Brand offers large variety of architectural solutions for constructions as well as decorational pieces made of iron and other metals. The brand stands out amongst its competitors by having an innovative, design driven process. They needed an identity that that would reflect their professional services and fun-loving culture.


The brand already had a good reputation in the field and was well known its name"Son Demir Bukucu" which means the Last Iron

Even though, the name had its limitations for a company that provides a larger range of services, we decided to keep it because clients loved it well reflected the company's innovative, young, playful and hero-like character that helped them even win pitches by the sympathy it created.

After defining Son Demir Bukucu's values, audience, personality and exploring its position within the industry, I created 3 style-scapes to show owners and discuss the visual aesthetic of their brand.

Based on the alternatives approaches and  brand assets discussed, I created an identity board including the logo, typography, colours and brand assets in every aspect that  will speak to their target audience of architects and elite customers.

The business card was designed to be made of metal as the main source of material of their services.

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