Sale Zoom

Brand Identity


Salezoom is a software product that helps sellers be less busy with the amazon refunds and advertising campaigns. It takes care of all the fatigue duties for sellers automatically and saves them time and money.

The brand was near the launching deadline and needed a logo that can showcase brand's innovative and trustworthy character.


The name was created by the owners I was asked to an integrated visual brand identity system.

We started the process with a discovery session about the businesses goals and how they meet the customers needs. This session allowed us  discover the audience, values, personality of the brand and helped see its position in the industry. After the 2 hours discovery, we had many ideas and key words to discover.


Based on what we discovered at the session, I collected images, logos and pieces of text to evoke the style and presented it to the directors see what they liked. After hearing their opinions, I started to see a pattern. They were more driven to the abstract shapes and darker shades of blue.


After exploring many variations on the idea of cogwheels I formed an icon that was abstract enough and also have the first letters of the brand.  Its simple, clean design translates well across digital and traditional media. The colour came as a logical choice. The colour of trust blue with a vibrant tone expresses the agility and innovativeness of the brand.


All versions of the logo, including the icon and monogram, were delivered in different formats accompanied with the brand identity guideline.

Brand guideline is a reference tool that helps maintain consistency by demonstrating what a brand looks, feels and sounds like. It's so powerful that some people even call it a brand bible. Using one ensures the brand's looks and feels the same, even when different people work on customer service, marketing, design and sales.

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