Getir Yemek

Food delivery app, website design


My client, Getir is a technology company that delivers 1000+ items in an average of 10 minutes, 24/7, throughout Istanbul. Getir decided to change its game in 2019 and started delivering food with “GetirYemek” option.

Although both options appear within the same “one” product, they act like sister brands and need to be heard by different partners. For that reason, GetirYemek marketing came to conclusion that they needed a separate website so the restaurants could find them and get in touch.


As the UX designer, my role was to collaborate with the GetirYemek marketing team and design their site.
I worked closely with the team to determine their goals for having a website and ensure they would have the best solutions to achieve them.

With the tight schedule and budget given, I could only apply the most essential phases of my design process.



I usually start the web design process with a Site Audit. This often includes product managers and software engineers too. Collecting ideas helps me to align with the team and gain better knowledge about what things we need and what will work technically.

As a result, we decided to start with a one-page site, explaining how GetirYemek works and encouraging new users to download the app, call more restaurants into action to join the system and finally be reachable for those who might want to apply to be a courier at GetirYemek.


After studying the competitors and similar websites across industries, I started drafting a few ideas.

Having in mind the rough proprietary list that we came up with the site audit, I added a section that will help visitors to taste the experience of the app and presented this new idea to the team. Having their positive feedbacks, I moved on to wireframing.


After laying out most of the necessary content on my sketches, I began to create wireframes so it could be comprehensible for everybody at the team and I could get their reviews and feedback before the designs were finalised.

I created a few alternative layouts. In order of priorities, having the most important information above, BIG, or highlighted using Color.


One of our main goals was to ensure that our site would look and function well on any size device as users were mostly visiting the website through their mobile devices.

Each page element was designed with small screen sizes in mind- I determined how each element should flow and what design would work best on varying screen sizes.


"I had an opportunity to work with Ece on designing GetirYemek mobile application features, GetirYemek website and also creating Getir customer journey map.

She is self-motivated and dedicated to anything that she works on. Both her creativity and sensitivity to customer insights make her capable of solving UI and UX problems. She is extremely collaborative, insightful, well-organized and her positive attitude towards people makes her an exceptional partner to work with."


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