About me

Ece Eyisoy

It is my passion to make your business better by design.

Who am I?

My name is Ece [ai-jeh].

I am a London based designer on a mission to
help businesses with branding and product design.

Whether it is the early stage of an idea or re-scaling of an existing one, I am here to take the load off your shoulders.

I like talking about business, comics and traveling and not a big fan of spiders and talking about myself. So, I will let the others do that below the page and focus on how I do my job best instead.

How I work?

Thınk, make, check process

Instead of jumping into execution with presumptions, I listen to your problems, closely. We talk about your business goals, your customers needs and your pains. Like a doctor, I listen and analyse your problem before diagnosis and prescription, because who knows? Maybe, you don't even need to spend tons of many on a complicated website after all...

No ugly surprıses

I have an established creative process and will share with you every step of that. You will know where exactly we are in the process and what exactly should be expected next. You will be involved from the very start, and will be part of the creative decisions. Think of it like a partnership, rather than freelancer & client relationship. No ugly surprises. Only delight and collaboration.

always there for you

I'm easy to find and always accessible. You don't have feel alone and overwhelmed with bunch decisions things to do and decisions to make in this process, I promise.

Ece is a very creative, clear and concise person. She has brought great value added approach on the early phase of "Hemenis" start-up when we had nothing but a great idea to transfer into a user friendly mobile application.


mukrime alptekin,

Founder & CEO, Hemenis

Great designer with a good understanding of business fundamentals and specific markets. We've done some design reviews with Ece, and I was always impressed with the reasoning behind design decisions, especially in corner cases where the general, common design advice does not fit the market in question. Recommended.


Burak Nehbit

Founder & CEO, Aether

We needed our logo renewed. Someone we know recommended us Ece.Our brief was extremely complicated and honestly, I was not sure it was even possible to attain that in a logo.What we thought would be a simple logo process became a very deep look at our brand. First, she helped us redefine who we are thought some workshops which allowed us to find a unanimous voice.Even then we didn't think all we are could be represented in an elegant, clean logo. But she did!We were so happy with both the process and the outcome. We will definitely go back to her anytime we need a visual problem solved. Highly recommended!


Duygu Sar

Founder, Nomaddiction & Biz Evde Yokuz